Fundación EDE

EDE Foundation


Aimed at individuals and organisations, who are looking after the training needs of volunteers and professionals.
A training model focused on personal attention, and with a methodology of participation where the student is an active protagonist.
The teaching staff are made up of individuals with connections to the social fabric, in touch with the real world and who are continuously self-reflective.

FUNDACIÓN EDE has been independently audited, and has been found to meet the requirements of the standard:  UNE-EN-ISO 9001

Social consultancy

Promotes and supports the development of public and private initiatives that contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of people experiencing exclusion or social disadvantage as well as children, teenagers and young people.  This service promotes new initiatives and innovative projects; "progressive management" processes in voluntary sector organisations and public administrations; local plans and networks in the social services field, culture, young people, equality, immigration....
This social consultancy is aimed at non-profit organisations, foundations, social initiative cooperatives... and also at public administrations, with particular attention directed at local administrations. The consultancy work is performed through direct and personal support for each group or institution.

Centre of knowledge

Builds a knowledge base through research and from dealing with and managing information offered to individuals and targeted organisation's information resources which increases real world knowledge, improves living conditions, organisational development and, ultimately leads to social transformation.

The centre of knowledge consists of specialist professionals in the areas of social intervention research and information, who understand:

Social Investigation

Information and Documentation

Youth Information Office

A service available to young people, with the aim of informing and advising on the key issues that affect and are relevant to them, with free access.


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