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EDE Taldea develops, alone and through collaboration with other groups or administrations, different projects in several social intervention fields:


logo zaintzeaMunicipal support centre for family carers in the district of Bilbao that responds to the need to deal with and prevent the negative effects that long-term care has on the carers of dependent family members. Resulting from collaboration between the Social Action Department of the Bilbao Town Council and Suspergintza Elkartea. Making interventions aimed at ensuring that carers know and acquire skills related to caring for their families and themselves.
This centre is run by the Zainduz programme of the Regional Council of Biscay.

Voluntary Sector Observation

Voluntary Sector ObservationCollaborative project between the Social Action Department of the Regional Council of Biscay, BBK bank Social Work department and the EDE Foundation that started running in 2007.
Seen as a tool for the promotion of the voluntary sector, with the support of its various organisations and networks, and as somewhere for dialogue to take place between agents interested in the area and who are committed to its promotion.
Made up of three areas: Information and literature (Web, background documentary, digital bulletin...) Research (White Paper, directories, and other research projects) and Promotion (workshops and seminars, conferences, publications, management briefs...).

bolunta - ganbara

logo zaintzeaCollaborative project between the e Social Action Department of the Regional Council of Biscay, the Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa bank and the EDE Foundation for the promotion of volunteering and social participation in Biscay.
Its objectives are the promotion and the development of solidarity through the support mechanisms and services to social organisations and their members, as well as those who have decided to work voluntarily in building a more just society.
Its services can be broken into six areas of work: Volunteering, Information, Advice, Promotion and Awareness, Training and Ganbara. Ganbara is a service which encourages the creation of a social fabric and promotes the work of solidarity groups through providing office space, multi-purpose rooms and technical resources.


logo zaintzeaPublic owned service attached to the Immigration Directorate (Employment and Social Affairs Department - Basque Government) that started as a support resource of the Public Administrations and the Community, consisting of a multi-discipline and multicultural team of professionals. It aims to promote, support and coordinate intercultural initiatives and, in the same way, stimulate dialogue between different cultural communities within Basque society, as well as between them and administrations. Its main areas of service are information and documentation, training, awareness, community mediation and consultancy in managing cultural diversity, foreigners and equality of treatment and preventing discrimination.


logo zaintzeaCentre specialising in satisfactorily and comprehensively addressing conflicts that arise when working with educational and social agents and promoting processes aimed at improving co-existence, the promotion of human rights, community development and social construction in order to achieve a peaceful society. Working with schools, groups and associations in the socio-education field, non-governmental bodies, public administrations, technical and political people, social fabric: personal and collective.
Providing several services: Municipal and school co-existence plans; Training and education; Socio-educational programmes focused on peace, "Trukme", shared resources for play areas; Promotion of personal, group, neighbourhood and town-wide networks.


logo zaintzeaCulture and Basque Language are the two performance areas on the Nontzeberri web page. The project's objectives are: To share the necessary elements for the enjoyment of all dimensions of the Basque culture across the network; Creating meeting spaces for exchanging ideas relevant to culture; to unite through information, Basques and their language, and in an effective, dynamic and active fashion, providing all the cultural sustenance necessary for living in a more cultured manner.


logo zaintzeaAn EDE taldea socio-environmental project whose mission is to link the environmental sector to its own objectives and goals, and also to those of the voluntary sector and society in general.
Building and sharing services, relationships and projects of an environmental nature connected to the social and environmental fabric that contributes to the goals of an egalitarian society and solidarity, which has social justice as a defining principal.
Commitment and work in the environmental field are also essential elements for building a new model of social organisation and a better quality of life.
Gizartenatura provides the design and revitalisation of environmental projects with administrations and organisations, socio-environmental training, Basque language consultancy, environmental information and documentation services, design and development of land protection projects, environmental programmes and specific activities, design of environmental intervention programmes for young people.

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