Fundación EDE


Facilities and Hostels

Suspergintza Elkartea provide a wide network of facilities and hostels in which social groups, associations and organisations have freed up living spaces in which they can develop all types of socio-educational or leisure activities.

Mañarikua Homes

Hostel Network

Suspergintza considers hostels as activity centres and not just as housing, for them these are also for hosting various activities.

Sport camps

Children, teenagers and young people

Provides specialist, innovative and creative services and initiatives. Serves organisations, agents and administrations to enable them to face the changes and needs of children, teenagers and young people.
Consisting of a multi-discipline team characterised by their high level of social commitment and professional qualifications.

The elderly and their families

The elderly and their families are another key area covered by Suspergintza Elkartea, who offer programmes for elderly people and family members who are carers and support through innovative projects.

Gerontological Programmes

Support for carers

Support for development and innovation projects


Suspergintza Elkartea manages and develops services that through awareness, information, direct guidance and direct action, contribute to the eradication of discriminatory situations that women have to live with.

The design and management of services relating to women

Support and assistance programmes

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